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   From here Candy’s story merges with and is intertwined with a much larger story slowly taking shape online across multiple websites. We continue her story on the Galactic Enterprise’s website (
   The Galactic Enterprise ( is a spacecraft 1500 feet long and is made up of four sections. The Command Section, Habitat and/or Work Section, the Communication Section, and the Engineering Section.
   The Command Section is 280 feet long, and 240 feet in diameter at its widest point. It can launch two viper class attack craft at a time. The Command Section holds three Viper class attack craft in each of its two flight decks. This is the command and control section of the ship. The observation deck, landing bays, and main bridge are all in this section of the ship. Much of the ship's water and oxygen are located on the bottom of the Command Section. The Command Section can be detached from the rest of the ship in an emergency.
   The Habitat Section of the ship is a torus 380 feet long and 340 feet in diameter on average with a circumference of 1068.14 and a toroidal opening of more than 40 feet that makes up the central core. There are four levels to this section. Each torus is 80 feet wide and 340 feet in diameter with over 28 levels to the core. This section of the Galactic Enterprise houses the sleeping quarters, laboratories, classrooms, the medical section, the main dining area called the Galactic Kitchen, and other eateries, various entertainment, and other recreational areas. The ship's chapel which is also available online and aeroponics along with the main life-support system are located in this section of the ship. The ship's computer core is also in this section of the ship.
   This section of the ship rotates creating various degrees of gravity with zero gravity at the core. The maximum rotational or angular velocity for generally accepted human comfort levels is 2 rpm creating .46% of the earth's normal gravity in the outer rings. Normally, we rotate at 1.7 rpm which creates .33% of the earth's normal gravity. We could rotate at 2.94 rpm to create the earth's normal gravity.
   The first level is closest to the Command Section and holds the observatories, stellar cartography, and other related fields’ laboratories in the outer ring, and the medical center is in the inner ring. Level 2 has a mini-shopping mall in the outer rings with extra high ceilings and staff sleeping quarters in the inner ring. Level 3 is all sleeping quarters. Level 4 holds classrooms and the life sciences laboratories.
   The Communication Section is 140 feet long and 380 feet at its widest point. It houses two separate communication systems and serves as an alternate command center in case of an emergency. The Communications Section houses not only various communication systems but also controls all the ship's sensors. The sensors will detect any object larger than a golf ball more than 100,000 miles from the ship.
   Below that is the Engineering Section. It is 640 feet long and about 40 feet in diameter. Despite its great size, the Galactic Enterprise runs on a low-voltage system. It is powered by 3 systems: a photovoltaic system with large arrays powering one of ten solar power plants, a small thorium reactor, and an anti-matter reactor. Primary power comes from the anti-matter reactor with the thorium reactor as the backup. When close enough to a light source we use our solar panels as our primary source of power.
   Our main engine is an anti-matter propulsion system. The secondary engine is an advanced ion propulsion system as are the maneuvering thrusters. 

Starfighter Command

   There are many parts to this story. Earth’s mighty defenders, Starfighter Command (, came about while looking for ways to market the Galactic Enterprise this is a branch that began as a simple page dedicated to my fellow Site Fight (website competition) teammates the Starfighters. While the team and the site no longer exist, this website is still dedicated to the Starfighters. It is a collection of short stories and poems I wrote to entertain my fellow Starfighters, and as an exercise to see how short I could get a complete story. There were a couple of lost stories before I thought to save them. The only thing they had in common was the Starfighter theme.
   Over time that collection of random stories grew and began to take shape. One day, I noticed the pattern that was emerging. Now, it is an online collection of very short stories that tell an even larger short story (a longer version is still in production). Only The Trial was written to tie the stories all together. The rest were just fudged and nudged here and there to make them fall in line.

Cybertron Robotics

   I created Cybertron Robotics Inc. ( for the simple reason that I had to make Candy and a number of other service androids somewhere. So I created a robotics corporation and the whole backstory behind it.
   The law firm, Galactic Legal (, which represented Candy and got her acquitted of the murder of her owner came about pretty much for the same reason I created Cybertron Robotics Inc.
   There is much more to the online version of all our stories. It is not enough for me to just tell you the story; I want to show it to you in real life too. I want you to be able to reach out and touch real walls and push real buttons. I want you to become part of the story and what we are trying to do. The online version of my story was designed to be more than just something to read; it was designed to be explored.


Candy Apple - Non-human (android/A.I.)
Staff - Director of Entertainment

Current Listed Owner: Galactic Enterprise

Date of Creation: June 24, 2051
Model Type (at the time of creation): Cybertron Robotics Candy Personal Companion Model Alpha 1, serial number 000-000001

Candy's Story

I suppose that I should tell you a few things about myself before I tell you my story. First, the body I have now is not the body I started out with. My friend Iris here is a Candy Personal Companion Model. I was once just like her. In fact, I was the first, and the entire model series was named after me.

Android Rights

Humans bury their beloved pets, shedding many tears. But, after years of unfailing faithful service you would think we should come to a better end than just being stuffed in some dumpster with the rest of the trash. You would think that at least we would deserve a place next to the family pet, recycled or something..., anything, to show some respect for our years of devoted service.

More Stuff

Candy's story continues as one of several stories that intersect with the story about the Galactic Enterprise.

Intertwined with the Galactic Enterprise's story is the story about the Starfighters, those great defenders of Earth. There are other tales too. To the right and below are links where more stories and other stuff may be found.

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