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   Hi, I’m Candy, and yes my last name really is Apple. Let me first say I am an android and not a cyborg as some people think.

   Yes, I am the same Candy Apple who has the distinction of being the first android to have killed their owner. While I no longer have my original body, my mind is still intact.

   This is the part where if you are easily offended by nudity, occasional crude language, sex, and other stuff like that you should probably go away. We can get fairly graphic and mildly erotic here from time to time.

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Listen to Candy's story. Listen to Candy's story.

This is an online illustrated story. While there are many parts to this story, this is one beginning.

It is hard to say where Candy comes from. I suspect she comes from one of the dark alleyways of my soul. I know all the images that an anatomically correct android designed to bring all your fantasies to life can conjure up in the mind’s of men, and women. However, this is not that story. This is not my story, this is Candy’s story, and it is not what you think.

Some parts of the story begin on their own and merge with this story. Other parts expand outward and fill a universe of their own. And, still other parts of the story live and die within the story itself.

This story was designed to be more than just something to read; it was designed to be explored.

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