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   “I got a problem,” Thomas Roth, CEO of Cybertron Robotics said. “It seems one of our androids may have killed its owner, taken his credit cards, and run away. You’re the best security officers I have. I want you to find her before the police do and bring her back here for diagnostics. We need to know what has gone wrong so we can fix it before word gets out about this incident.”

   “Do we know what kind of android?” the woman standing in front of the desk asked.

   “It’s a Candy model,” Thomas replied.

   “Do we know what the serial number is?” the man standing next to the woman asked.

   “No, Captain, we don’t have that information yet,” Thomas said. “John, there is a bonus in it for both of you if you find her before the police do. But in any case, I want her in one piece or at least with her brain still functional. She comes back broken you don’t get a dime. Is that understood?”

   “That’s crystal clear sir,” John replied. “Don’t worry we’ll find her.”

   “I've downloaded all the information we have so far to your department's computer. It's not much,” Thomas said. “She has a three-week head start and at least five thousand in pocket change. She could be anywhere.” Thomas watched as his security officers left his office. He needed men and women like John and Linda. More and more androids were developing what he would call quirks, and he needed people who could deal with the situation.

   The android standing next to Thomas went unnoticed. She was an April model, the original April model, April herself. It would be hard to say what she thought of the conversation. She was Thomas’s personal android and what she thought was kept behind her perpetual charming smile.

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