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   Her world had been one of chauffeured limousines that took her to and from engagements. It was the first time Candy had ever ridden a hover bike. She loved the feeling of the tug of the wind as it whipped through her hair. She felt like she was part of the environment she was riding through as opposed to being a spectator viewing life from the sheltered environment of a limousine. For the first time in her life she began to understand the value of being free.

   What is the value of being free? It is something we can never know until the constraints that hold us back are removed. Candy no longer answered to anyone except herself and it was that feeling that exploded inside of her as she rode on the back of the hover bike. She had turned a corner in her life and she would rather die than go back to being a slave to satisfy a part of society’s depraved needs.

   It took the local police a couple of weeks and a lot of footwork before they began to think that maybe the android was more than a witness to the murder of its owner. It had taken them almost that long for them to discover that the android was a Candy Personal Companion Model although there was no bill of sale that would have identified the exact android by its serial number. For the police it was like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Thousands of Candy models were still operational throughout the country and hundreds within the city limits. The thought that one of them could be homicidal was not something anyone wanted to think about including the Cybertron Robotics Corporation.



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Listen to Candy's story.

Listen to Candy’s Story

This is an online illustrated story. While there are many parts to this story, this is one beginning.

It is hard to say where Candy comes from. I suspect she comes from one of the dark alleyways of my soul. I know all the images that an anatomically correct android designed to bring all your fantasies to life can conjure up in the mind’s of men, and women. However, this is not that story. This is not my story, this is Candy’s story, and it is not what you think.

Some parts of the story begin on their own and merge with this story. Other parts expand outward and fill a universe of their own. And, still other parts of the story live and die within the story itself.

This story was designed to be more than just something to read; it was designed to be explored.

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