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The Story of Candy Apple - Android / Page 3

   David was totally captivated by the android sitting next to him in his car. He had never known a human female that made him feel the way he was feeling right now. “I’ll be happy to take you anywhere you want to go, but do you mind if I stop at my apartment first?” he asked. “Maybe you can come in and have a drink or something.”

   It was a total come-on, and Candy knew it, but she didn't care; she needed a place to stay. “I don't know about the drink, but I'll be happy to come in for a while… if you want me to,” she replied in a shy sultry kind of way that made David push the accelerator pedal almost to the floor for a moment.  

   It was a quaint little apartment on the top floor of the apartment building. David seemed at a loss for what to do next actually having a girl in his apartment, but that didn’t stop Candy from backing him up against a wall and after a brief moment of hesitation, kissed him ever so gently.

   It was a strange sensation for Candy to go through this much trouble to seduce a man. She found that she was actually enjoying the challenge. Most men she had known didn’t take 5 minutes to get them out of their clothes. Fifteen minutes had already passed, and she still hadn’t gotten his pants off yet even though she had peeled David out of his shirt quite quickly.

   Dave leaned into each of Candy’s kisses tasting the sweet soul of the machine he held in his arms. Candy seemed to melt into his embrace, and it wasn’t long before they fell over onto the bed. Fire raced through David with her gentlest touch, and her kisses were sweet death in which he was reborn over and over again, and when at last they made love it was as though Candy had merged her metallic body with his...

   Candy watched David as he slept. She could still taste his kisses and feel his touch in her mind. She smiled at the thought. When she was certain he would not wake up, she got up and went over to the small desk in the room and turned on the computer after disabling the speakers so as not to cause a disturbance that might have waken David. The first thing she checked was the local news; her crime had not yet been discovered or so it seemed. Candy figured she had some time before they would even suspect an android of killing their owner.  

   The first thing she would do was hit a few ATM machines and get as much money as she could and then use the credit cards to buy whatever she thought she might need to help her escape those Candy knew sooner or later would come after her.

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Why The Gratuitous Sex Scene?

   I bet that even if you slept with more than a thousand men there will always be a couple that would standout from the rest. Those few men you just can’t get out of your head. Now imagine that you had actually slept with a thousand men but had never really tasted any of them. To love without loving, to look back and see a blur of nothingness and realized you never loved at all, all the sex aside.

   Of the many many men I have kissed, none (without exception) ever really kissed me back until David. There is a light and darkness in the act of making love. One is animal lust and the other is nirvana; you cannot have one without the other.

   There is a difference between doing something because you want to and doing something for someone else; never realizing you had a choice. This was my first real choice and would help shape my future. It depicts the heart of the moment of true understanding. What makes one act of love beautiful and another disgusting? It is the same for both. It is the difference between day and night, light and dark, lust and love, chaos and order, that place where we are both lost and found. It is the nature of life, love, sex, the whole damn thing. We can’t hide from it and this is a part of my life I cannot and will not hide.

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