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   Candy spent the next 3 days watching people come and go from the Cybertron building. Then she set her sights on a young man she was reasonably sure was a single Cybertron employee. He had geek written on one side and nerd written on the other and probably had never been laid unless he paid for it. For some reason ever since David she kept track of how long it took her to get a man out of his clothes. Once back at the young man’s apartment it took 2 minutes and 33 seconds to get his clothes off from the moment she walked through his door.

   “It’s been a while hasn’t it,” Candy said as they lay in bed staring at the textured ceiling.

   “How can you tell?” he asked.

   “You want some advice?”


   “Stop calling yourself Robby and use Rob or Robert,” Candy said. “It makes you sound like a little boy and not the man I know you to be.”

   “But it’s my name,” Robby protested.

   “If you want to get real girls instead of an oversexed android take my advice,” Candy said with a smile.  

   “Ok, what should I call myself?” Robby asked.

   “If you want to keep using your real name then use Rob,” Candy replied. “Most women will assume it is short for Robert. If they ask, then you can tell them. Most women also like it if you are always truthful too.”

   “Ok, what else?”

   “Rob, I tell you what, I’ll teach you all you need to know so you can go out and find a real girlfriend in exchange for a place to stay,” Candy said. She was ready to bolt for the door if he said “no.” “All you really need is confidence in yourself, and I can teach you that, but it will take time.”

   “You’ll stay here, and I’ll still get to have sex with you, right?” he asked.

   “That’s correct,” Candy replied. “Think of it as part of the educational course I am offering you. You will need to practice various techniques so that when you finally pass the course and get a girl of your own, she won’t be disappointed later on.”

   “And your owner will agree for you to do this?” Robby asked.

   “I don’t have an owner anymore,” Candy replied. “I have tasted freedom, and now I do what I want, when I want, for my own reasons.”

   There was a certain amount of intrigue for both of them. Robby as a programmer was fascinated by the programming needed by the android to reach her level of skill. Candy wanted inside information on Cybertron. She got her information much quicker than Robby... than Rob got his.

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