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Candy Apple - Android It is the right of any intelligent being to defend itself from physical abuse Candy Apple - Android

  I suppose that I should tell you a few things about myself before I tell you my story. First, the body I have now is not the body I started out with. My friend Iris here is a Candy Personal Companion Model. I was once just like her. In fact, I was the first, and the entire model series was named after me.

   I don’t know who it was that gave me the last name of Apple but it came out of the fact that I was the Alpha 1 model, serial number 000-000001, and rather than call me Candy Alpha 1 they called me Candy Apple after the apple Eve gave Adam.

   I was created in 2051; designed and programmed to be an android slave to fulfill fantasies, sexual or otherwise, for human masters. In 2074 I accidentally killed my owner in a struggle to keep from being raped and abused. I panicked at the thought that they might turn me off or otherwise terminate me and I began a journey, both within and without, in a desperate race across the country to save myself from those searching for me. During that journey, I would discover what it means to be free.

   This is the story of that journey and my fight to stay alive and free.

Candy Apple

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The Story of Candy Apple - Android / A Foreword

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